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Watch Out World! Here She Comes

Our granddaughter Riley took her first unassisted steps this weekend! No doubt, she’s going places! With Love, Russ  

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Highs and Lows

  Our trip to the redwoods took two minivans for the twelve of us. The highway  was jammed with cars headed for the beach over the mountains, so we took a scenic, windy, two-laned road through the mountains that unbeknownst to us … Continue reading

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Four Generations of Love

Thomas hugs, delights, and entertains, his Great Grandpa Fukuda who is back in the hospital but coming home later today. With Love, Russ

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More Thomas-isms

Our 3-year old grandson Thomas has a cold. After we played, it was time for his nap and for me to get back to work. Thomas gets especially creative at nap time. His excuses can be a little unusual. I … Continue reading

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Fun Times!

Bumper bowling with our grandson Thomas and my Beloved (his “Mama”). He’s 3, and it’s his first time. She’s older than 3 and it’s not her first time. But we all had a fun time. With Love, Russ

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“Thomas! Don’t Lick the Dog!”

Our 2-1/2 year old grandson Thomas stayed the night at our house on Friday. When I was out of the room, I heard My Beloved say, “Thomas! Don’t lick the dog!” After I stopped laughing, I asked her what happened. She said one … Continue reading

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Tiny Fingers

One of my favorite rituals between my two year old grandson Thomas and me starts when he rings the doorbell at our front door and My Beloved answers it. Thomas runs in yelling “Papa! “Papa!” (that’s what he calls me) … Continue reading

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