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Tiny Fingers

One of my favorite rituals between my two year old grandson Thomas and me starts when he rings the doorbell at our front door and My Beloved answers it. Thomas runs in yelling “Papa! “Papa!” (that’s what he calls me) … Continue reading

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I Just Opened a Window

It began to feel a bit stuffy in my home office, so I just opened a window. It only took a moment, but in the space of a heart-beat magic happened. My senses were aroused by the sumptuous melodies of … Continue reading

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Coordinated Kindness Ends Bullying

All it takes is kindness. Sometimes it helps to coordinate the effort. When coordinated kindness occurs, miracles can happen. Below is a link to a great example. With Love, Russ

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Rainstorm and Rainbow Revelry on a Cloudless Day

I love rain drops and rainstorms, reveling in the many sounds they make, the feel of raindrops on my skin, the sight of each drop as it splash-dances onto whatever it touches, the way they freshen the air, and the … Continue reading

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Look Out World, Here They Come!

My Beloved and I became grandparents of twins today! Alexander Samuel and Zachary Robert and their mommy and daddy are all doing well. The twin’s grandparent’s are thrilled, ecstatic, and proud of all four members of the new family. This … Continue reading

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“The real source of inner strength and self-confidence is warm-heartedness.” –Dalai Lama (Source: Let’s Be Positive Together) “Don’t change, so people will like you. Be yourself so the right people will love the real you.” (Source: Let’s Be Positive Together) … Continue reading

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A Simple Shift With Profound Results

(Source: I Stop for Suffering) Thank you, Meg. I whole-heartedly believe in the truth, wisdom, and power of your comment. Russ

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Grandsons Update

I had just finished reading a book to Thomas last night and had put it down. He picked it up and said “More” clear as day. Have I said lately how much I love my grandson and his parents? As … Continue reading

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The Miracle That’s You

“I’m realistic. I expect miracles.” (Source: Online Wellness Network) There was a time I was so blind That I couldn’t see The miracles around me What a surprise When I opened my eyes And my mind to find Miracles of … Continue reading

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