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Car Picnic at Hidden Villa

My Beloved and I took our oldest Grandson to Hidden Villa Farm nestled in Los Altos Hills. It was a cold day with a biting wind. We’d planned an outdoor picnic but five minutes into setting it up convinced us … Continue reading

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Peering Through the Magic Portal

Our grandson Thomas peers through the magic portal between past and future as he peeks through the hole where the knob will go on the door that separates the old and still-under-construction new portions of our home. The “scrapers” have … Continue reading

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Don’t Mess With Ninjabread Cookies

Grandson Thomas and my Beloved made some mean-looking but good-tasting Gingerbread cookies today. Thomas’ father, our son Ben, and cattle dog Penny photobombed the second image. With ┬áLove, Russ

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Must’ve Been Having a No-Hair Day

Our 4-year-old grandtwins Zachary and Alexander drew, wrote, and mailed “Thank-you” cards to my Beloved and me that arrived today. When I opened them, I was treated to delightful notes and drawings, including the one above. I must’ve been having … Continue reading

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Humor: A Good Thing Indeed

  The young boy was spending a Sunday afternoon with his grandpa. Looking at pictures of his grandpa in his military uniform, the boy asked, “Grandpa, did you ever kill anyone in the war?” “No champ, I never did.” “That’s … Continue reading

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A 4-Year-Old Boy’s Logic

My Beloved mentioned an incident that occurred during the holidays when when she asked grandtwin Zachary if he washed his hands after going to the bathroom. He said, “No, Grandma. I didn’t need to.” “Why not?” “I didn’t touch the … Continue reading

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These Boys Quack Me Up

My three oldest grandsons are making duck bills out of Pringles chips. Wilbur the Duck Who Flew Upside Down would be so proud! With Love, Russ  

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