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Sunny’s Bouncing Path of Destruction

  That little rascal Sunny is at it again. The poor Grumpadinkles don’t stand a chance with the energetic puppy around. The illustrations by Jack Wiens above and the excerpts below are from my latest children’s picture book project, Sunny … Continue reading

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A Jarring Contradiction

I just looked at one of the walls in my office and this is what I saw. I had to laugh at the jarring contradiction that is my life. It’s easy to see why I’d never make it as an interior decorator. … Continue reading

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Dragon Whistles

This gorgeous illustration by Jack Wiens depicts a scene in my latest children’s picture book project, Flora Belle and Dreami Dragon. Here, Dreami is giving Flora Belle her dragon whistle that can be heard anywhere in the world but only by the dragon … Continue reading

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Storybooks by the Bay

Today was the Author Book Signing portion of Danville’s Storybooks by the Bay exhibit that began today and goes through December 17. The curator asked if she could include   four of my books and four illustrations from them are among those to be … Continue reading

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The Illustrations Selected by the Curator

These are the four illustrations from my children’s books the Danville Art Gallery’s curator selected for its upcoming exhibit October 28, 2016 through December 17, 2016. I conceived the characters and Josh McGill illustrated them. Wish love, Russ

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Attention People Who Love to Help Create Children’s Books!

I’m an author of several self-published children’s books. I have far more additional stories and ideas for additional books than I have the financial resources to self-publish them in a timely fashion. Self-publishing has become quite an expensive undertaking for … Continue reading

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A Child’s Smile and Laughter

I often write children’s stories and books with very silly characters and situations. That because I love to see children smile and laugh. Sadly, there are many children who don’t have much to smile or laugh about. Many are fighting … Continue reading

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More Photos & Updates

<img Sources: Happiness: Let's Be Positive Together Tires: Forever Awezome Two more full-color illustrations have been completed for "Clyde and I". You can see them on my other blog at http://rustybear.me Love, Russ

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“Clyde and I” Children’s Song, Story, and Possibly Book Update

I recently posted a children’s story/poem titled “Clyde and I”. I shared it with My Beloved, some parents and grandparents of young children, and my song co-writer, and got an unexpectedly enthusiastic response from them. My song co-writer (who has … Continue reading

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