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Flying High Without Wings

As many if you know, Clyde was my first children’s book character and has been quite popular in his own right, but he ended up in Wilbur’s shadow as the upside-down duck flew onto the scene. I’m delighted to announce … Continue reading

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Something I Learned About Myself

When the packages containing the physical proofs of my first two books arrived, I was quite surprised that rather than being excited and anxious to open them–like a young child at Christmas–I was reluctant to do so. I put the … Continue reading

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A Great Birthday Surprise Gift (Actually, Two!)

I just got a great surprise birthday gift: My first two children’s books, “Clyde and I” and “Clyde and I Help a Hippo to Fly” have already been listed for sale on Amazon.com, a week ahead of schedule. My third … Continue reading

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Big Changes Coming

I’ve become increasingly concerned that over time this blog has become a mish-mash of too many different tones and topics. Those who like my posts with quotos (a term I may have coined for photos with quotes) and other humorous … Continue reading

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Why I Write Children’s Books

I write children’s books because I love telling stories, especially to children. I love the looks of wonder and delight as they experience and become part of each adventure. I love children, and entertaining them. I love writing and creating … Continue reading

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Details Regarding Books To Seriously Ill Children Around the World

This is to clarify my comments regarding my plans to send books to seriously ill children and/or hospitals or other facilities who support them around the world. I don’t want to give any false impressions. While I hope to over … Continue reading

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My Children’s Books Free To Some Seriously Ill Children, Hospitals, and/Or Libraries on Every Continent

I plan to donate some of my books to seriously ill children, children’s hospitals, and/or children’s libraries on every continent. My Kickstarter project is now 91% funded with 6 days left! To those of you who have supported the cause, … Continue reading

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Project Updates

I plan to use a Kickstarter crowd-sourcing campaign to help create and launch my first two or three children’s books. In that way I can give my friends, loved ones, and perhaps total strangers from around the world the opportunity … Continue reading

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Cover Art For My Song “Clyde and I”

Attached is the illustration for the cover art for my song “Clyde and I”. I should be able to post the song to you within a week, and with a slight revision it might be the cover art for a … Continue reading

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“Clyde and I” Children’s Song, Story, and Possibly Book Update

I recently posted a children’s story/poem titled “Clyde and I”. I shared it with My Beloved, some parents and grandparents of young children, and my song co-writer, and got an unexpectedly enthusiastic response from them. My song co-writer (who has … Continue reading

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