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Her Full and Happy Heart

Image Credit: Pan-Xiaozhen-347184 via In the surgery room before her mastectomy Lindsey Bubar inspired the medical staff to join her in singing and dancing to the song, “I Want to Dance with Somebody.” She is indeed living life with … Continue reading

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Friends For Life

I just read an article about a woman with MS who promised they would continue coming to see her, and they did, for twenty-one years and counting. What a remarkable testament to the stricken women and he tremendous friends. Some … Continue reading

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Four Generations of Love

Thomas hugs, delights, and entertains, his Great Grandpa Fukuda who is back in the hospital but coming home later today. With Love, Russ

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I love the story at Misifusa’s blog that is linked below. I’d have re-blogged it if it wasn’t already a reblog. I am inspired yet saddened by what Anonymous must be going through to write such a letter, and for the … Continue reading

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No Star In All the Heavens

A Most Unusual Christmas Tree Visitors who come to our home near the holidays are often struck by the sight of a most unusual Christmas tree. Instead of a fir or some other traditional kind, we have a palm tree … Continue reading

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Family Updates

The trip to visit my new twin grandsons and their parents in Illinois was delightful. Everyone there is healthy. I look forward to going again shortly (this time with my other son Ben, his wife Erika, and our first grandson … Continue reading

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Vow To A Broken Man

It took two bad lungs And a broken heart To finally tear My world apart Barely alive In intensive care Hoping friends would Visit me there Most were too busy To visit at all To send a card Or bother … Continue reading

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The Birds I’m generally not all that much into the horror genre in movies. I figure that I’ve had enough horror in my life that when I see a movie I want it to be funny or uplifting. (Don’t get me … Continue reading

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The Day My Beloved Got Me Fired

(A re-post for newer friends of this blog.) Back in 1980, several months after we got married, my Beloved got me fired. It all began when I had to take time off from work due to the simultaneous removal of … Continue reading

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May This Prove to Be True for You

One of my dear daughters-in-law is carrying my second grandchild. She has experienced extreme morning sickness that often lasts all day even with medication. I often think of what she is going through to bring My Beloved’s and my second … Continue reading

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