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Not Fair Picking on Old People!

Three little boys were bragging about how tough they were. “I’m so tough,” said the first boy, “that I can wear out a pair of shoes in a week.” “Well,” said the second boy, “I’m so tough, I can wear … Continue reading

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Boys Will Be Boys

One day I thought back to how fun it was as a relatively young boy to pop caps, from the red strips of paper that had little holes and dots of gunpowder in them to the colored plastic ones that … Continue reading

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For Those Who Felt Picked on and Ridiculed

I just wrote a short story for those who felt picked on and ridiculed as kids. It is labeled fictional, but in truth, all of the things that happened to “Chris” actually happened to me (except the part about other … Continue reading

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The Day the Girls Rescued Me

(A Re-post for newer readers to this site.) Many years ago I was in a high school Marine Corps JROTC program as the Vietnam War was coming to an end. It was not a real popular time to be in … Continue reading

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Sock War!

One day when our boys were still fairly young, I kidded my Beloved about something as she sorted and matched a basket of clean socks, rolling the matched pairs into little balls to keep them together. The next thing I … Continue reading

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Look Out World, Here They Come!

My Beloved and I became grandparents of twins today! Alexander Samuel and Zachary Robert and their mommy and daddy are all doing well. The twin’s grandparent’s are thrilled, ecstatic, and proud of all four members of the new family. This … Continue reading

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Get Your Stories Straight

(This is a re-post for newer friends of this site.) Like nearly all siblings, our sons sometimes got into quarrels. When that occurred, my Beloved and I attempted to unravel how it started so we could create learning lessons as … Continue reading

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The Touch

When our children were young we were fortunate to have the option of being able to have a parent stay at home to raise our children while the other worked outside the home. My Beloved chose to focus her many … Continue reading

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(A repost for newer readers to this site.) Sometimes it is really tough to be a kid. When both of our boys needed braces we knew they were in for a rough time. In those days braces tended to be … Continue reading

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The Day Girls Saved Me

(Some of you may have seen this story on my blog before, but I sometimes re-post an earlier story to give newer friends a chance to learn more about some of the goofier messes I got myself into.) Many years … Continue reading

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