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A Major Celebration

My Beloved Heidi, our son Ben, and our grandson Thomas just returned from a whirlwind (6,000 miles in three days) trip to Maryland to experience our son Brian’s pinning ceremony and his taking the oath of office as a Major … Continue reading

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“Where a Hippo Flies”

I’ve just decided to publish a book of poetry for young children titled: Where a Hippo Flies Poetry for those See the World through Young Eyes It will include several of my rhyming story poems and perhaps two or three … Continue reading

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I Just Wanted to Make Sure Your Heart Was Okay

This kid and his parents get it. I Just Wanted to Make Sure Your Heart Was Okay With Love, Russ

Posted in Compassion, Courage, Kindness, Making Memories | Tagged , , , | 4 Comments Hero A wonderful story that will help wash our eyes so we can see the goodness and greatness in others and in ourselves a little a little clearer. With Love, Russ

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“What Does Grandpa Say?”

This evening My Beloved and I were on a Skype call with our daughter-in-law and our twin nineteen month old grandsons Zachary and Alexander. Kristi was showing pictures of animals to them and asking what the animals say. We were … Continue reading

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A Day in Paradise

I’ve just completed creating tables of contents for the five non-fiction books I’ve either written or compiled. They’ve been sent to my layout person. Once she’s done, all future copies of the books will include a table of contents. Going … Continue reading

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Great News for the New Year

Happy New Year! Our daughter Stephanie just became engaged. She and her beau were at Disneyland at night standing in front of the castle which had been lit up for the holidays when he got down on one knee, pulled out … Continue reading

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“Slices of Life” has Been Released! I’m pleased to announce that Slices of Life has been released and is available on! Slices of Life is an anthology of the selected non-fiction stories. From heart-warming memories of childhood, to humorous perspectives on aging and inspiring … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal: “Slices of Life”

I’m pleased to present the cover of the non-fiction anthology, Slices of Life. The book should be released within a week. For newer bloggers: If you click on the image, you’ll probably be able to make it bigger and easier to … Continue reading

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A Dying Man’s Last Request

A Dying Man’s Last Request My biological father was an avid golfer. He always dreamed of playing the Pebble Beach Golf Course. He and another man wanted to play the course together, so they began to pool their savings in … Continue reading

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