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A Major Celebration

My Beloved Heidi, our son Ben, and our grandson Thomas just returned from a whirlwind (6,000 miles in three days) trip to Maryland to experience our son Brian’s pinning ceremony and his taking the oath of office as a Major … Continue reading

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Volcanic Birthday

My Beloved chose to celebrate her birthday a few days early at a nearby Japanese steak house. The reason for the venue? Our grandson Thomas had been there once before and loved seeing “the Volcano” the chef made out of … Continue reading

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Caring and Courage

I still care greatly what friends and family in particular think of me, but do what I do anyway. I believe it’s a bit like being afraid but not letting fear control my life. I acknowledge it’s there and most … Continue reading

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Our son Ben, his son Thomas, and I all enjoyed experiencing a San Jose Barracuda playoff game yesterday. We had great seats as you can see by how close we were to the players. San Jose hockey fans are fortunate … Continue reading

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The Shape of Things to Come

Last night during a visit by Thomas and his baby sister Riley to my Beloved and me, we had home made pizzas. Thomas wanted to make them into shapes. His was a square, mine a rectangle, and my Beloved’s was a heart. They … Continue reading

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“I’ll Cry a Little and Then Laugh Again”

Our 3-year-old grandson Alex comes up with the most profound comments. When an adult asked another grandson to stop poking or tickling Alex, they added,  “Although he’s laughing now, if you keep doing it he’ll eventually cry about it. Alex immediately … Continue reading

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Excellent Advice from a 3-Year Old

On my Beloved’s trip back to Maryland with our son Brian and his family to help them navigate airports and the myriad challenges of traveling with twin three-year olds and an eight month-old, she received excellent advice: Three-year-old Alex said to her … Continue reading

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