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May all those who feel disconnected and alone find healing, love, peace, and hope. With Love, Russ Advertisements

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Batman, Pikachu, and Thomas, Too

Photo Credit: Kristi Towne The above images are of my three oldest grandsons and me as we walk from a train station in the Santa Cruz Mountains to Henry Cowell State Park to hunt for Banana Slugs among majestic towering … Continue reading

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Among Giants

My Beloved and I hiked along Purissima Creek through giant redwoods, luscious ferns, waterfalls, fields of horsetails, and flowering redwood sorrel today. It was a gorgeous day. We’re grateful to live so close to so much beauty. With Love, Russ  

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Highs and Lows

  Our trip to the redwoods took two minivans for the twelve of us. The highway  was jammed with cars headed for the beach over the mountains, so we took a scenic, windy, two-laned road through the mountains that unbeknownst to us … Continue reading

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Mustache Mania

Let’s face it, these guys are goofy! Last night we decorated eggs for a week-early Ester celebration tomorrow. Photos to come in a later post. We watched Thomas’ T-Ball game this morning and who the twins got bored to them … Continue reading

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A Day in Paradise

I’ve just completed creating tables of contents for the five non-fiction books I’ve either written or compiled. They’ve been sent to my layout person. Once she’s done, all future copies of the books will include a table of contents. Going … Continue reading

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Rainstorm Revelry on a Cloudless Day

I love rainstorms, reveling in the many sounds they make, the feel of raindrops on my skin, the sight of each as it splash-dances onto whatever it touches, the way rainstorms freshen the air, and the promise in the very … Continue reading

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