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Thomas Takes on Darth Vader

We’re proud of our Jedi Knight grandson Thomas. He took on the the dreaded Darth Vader and once again saved the world from the Dark Side. With Love, Russ

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He’s Got My Priorities Right

During a visit by our son Ben and grandson Thomas this afternoon the four-year old asked My Beloved , “You’re a real teacher, right Mama?” She replied, “Yes, and so were your Mama and Papa Okano before they retired. Do you … Continue reading

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Just Being Papa

My Beloved and I had our four year old grandson Thomas today while his parents were at the Sharks game. In the middle of lunch, Thomas looked up from his meal and said with a solemn expression on his face, “I … Continue reading

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“Thomas! Don’t Lick the Dog!”

Our 2-1/2 year old grandson Thomas stayed the night at our house on Friday. When I was out of the room, I heard My Beloved say, “Thomas! Don’t lick the dog!” After I stopped laughing, I asked her what happened. She said one … Continue reading

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Blanket Forts and Grandsons

I recently got to build a blanket fort with my oldest grandson Thomas. He’s two years old. I used to love building and playing in blanket forts when I was a kid, then with my children, and now I get … Continue reading

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“Don’t Eat Mickey Mouse!”

My Beloved and I are blessed with being able to enjoy three whole days with our two-year-old grandson Thomas. We certainly made the most of it today, starting with going to breakfast with him, his Aunt Stephanie, and her boyfriend … Continue reading

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Tiny Fingers

One of my favorite rituals between my two year old grandson Thomas and me starts when he rings the doorbell at our front door and My Beloved answers it. Thomas runs in yelling “Papa! “Papa!” (that’s what he calls me) … Continue reading

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