Her Full and Happy Heart


Image Credit: Pan-Xiaozhen-347184 via Unsplash.com

In the surgery room before her mastectomy Lindsey Bubar inspired the medical staff to join her in singing and dancing to the song, “I Want to Dance with Somebody.” She is indeed living life with a full and happy heart, and is inspiring millions.

May her full and happy heart keep beating for a long, long time.

With Love,




Story Sources: King5.com and Leo’s Not All News is Bad


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Backyard Beauties


I took a stroll in our backyard, phone camera in hand, and found several backyard beauties delightfully displaying their colorful charms. I’m grateful they share their gifts with the bees and me.

With Love,


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Image credit: Cinematic Imagery via Unsplash.com

A husband with an advanced case of Alzheimers forgot he was married and proposed to his wife again. She said yes, thinking he’d forget it, but on the morning of their scheduled second wedding he remembered. Love shines through.

Doing the Honorable Thing

Sources: The Washington Post, and Leo at Not All News is Bad

With Love,


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A Drenched Woman Saves the Day


Photo Credit: Reza Shayestehpour via Unsplash.com

A stranger opened her home with ten minutes notice to save a beach wedding that had gotten rained out. I was deeply touched when reading the article linked below about her kindness.

A Drenched Woman Saves the Day

Sources: The Washington Post, and Leo at Not All News is Bad

With Love,


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Hump Day Humor

Image credit Ben White via Unsplash.com

A Sunday school teacher was telling the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den.
She had a picture of Daniel standing brave and confident, surrounded by
One little girl started to cry.
The teacher said, “Oh, honey, are you afraid for Daniel?”
The little girl said, “No, it’s that little lion, over in the corner; he
isn’t going to get any food.”
What does a pirate say on his 80th birthday? “Aye, Matey!”
Source: www.mikeysFunnies.com
With Love,
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An Epiphany


Image Credit: Robert Collins via Unsplash.com

I’ve often pondered what makes people happy; what makes me happy. Over the years I’ve developed several theories on the subject, both about the various ways people in general become happy, and specifically what makes and keeps me me happy.

As for me, my lists have included things such as the love of family and friends, doing what I love to do, and experiencing kindness, whether it’s by me, to me, or around me.

But there are many people who have all things that they thought would make them happy, but they are often still miserable.

Sometimes, despite all my blessings, I’ve caught myself being unhappy.

Thankfully, however, I’m far happier than I’ve ever been in my life, and my joy increases almost daily.

But what is the root cause of that?

As I sit at my desk doing what I love while enjoying the sounds and sights of nature through my open office windows on a gorgeous morning with a cool breeze perfectly offsetting the warm sunny day,  the answer hits me like the sound wave from the ring of a perfect bell on a quiet night, resonating throughout my being:

For me, lasting happiness springs naturally from knowing and being grateful that every day of my life is filled with blessings.

May all your days be filled with blessings.

With love,



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Way to Go, Toronto!


Photo Credit raw pixel via Unsplash.com

An eighteen-year old who desperately wanted to get a job so he could feed his family was caught trying to shoplift the clothes he needed for a job interview. Instead of arresting him, the Toronto police officer believed his story and bought the clothes for him. Later, the policeman got a call from the young man saying he got the job! Way to go, Toronto!

Shoplifter gets the Job

Source: BBC.com via Leo @ Not All News is Bad

With Love,Russ

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