Maybe Marriage Isn’t So Great After All

I love this and believe many people who have been married more than a year will too.

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Becoming Cliche

So the husband and I have joined a marriage class at our church. It’s a biblically-based Francis Chan study, and there’s a free PDF for anyone who is interested.**  Let me know if the link doesn’t work, and I will see if I can find it for you.

The first chapter is called “Marriage Isn’t That Great,” and I’ve been chewing on that title for the last two weeks. And you know what? They’re kind of right.

Marriage changes everything. Husband and I dated for three years before tying the knot. We knew each other well, or at least we thought we did. We were starry-eyed idiots. “I do” turns into “What have I DONE?” and moonlit walks become mortgage payments with the speed of Seabiscuit on crack.

When we were dating, a professor told us that he and his wife knew each other well. “I…

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My Journey From Fear to Love

I believe most of the major decisions, and many of the smaller ones, I’ve made in my life were either driven by fear or based on love. I’ve begun writing a non-fiction book titled My Journey from Fear to Love to offer it as a road map for those on a similar path.

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The sweetest fruit most full of flavor

Awaits inside our hearts to savor.

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Two New Book Projects

I’ve just decided to write two more non-fiction books, one each  offering insights into  relationships and parenting lessons My Beloved and I have learned during our nearly four decades together. Neither are likely to be funny or heartwarming (because all those stories were featured in my current two non-fiction book projects) but instead will be filled with many more ideas for creating stronger, healthier, happier, relationships.

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The Magical Wonderful You That You Are!

I’m happy to share with you this important message from Penny Howe.

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The Why About This


Have you ever thought of yourself as magical?Go ahead, take a few minutes to do so.  You don’t know how? That’s okay, no worries.  I’ll show you. Right now take a little time and consider the possibilities, potentials and maybe’s in your life. Or go all out here, in the now of things, and dream. Dream big dreams. Use your imagination. It’s there for a purpose. Just imagine what might be.

I’m perfectly seriousbecause I know locked inside each of us is the desire to make a difference for personal self fulfillment. We may not know exactly how to make this happen but we all feel this way.

You see, here’s the thing: As it turns out imagination is the first step in making something seemingly unbelievable (to you) or impossible happen. Yes, it is true. First something will occur within your immediate environment and/or you come…

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Cover Reveal: Stop Peeing in the Kitty Litter!


Cover image courtesy of yelet and canstockphoto
Cover by Joleene Naylor
Here’s the cover for my latest non-fiction book, Stop Peeing in the Kitty Litter! It’s filled with humorous and heartwarming stories offering insights into marriageEditing begins on October 2nd, followed by interior layout, printing, and release. My target release date as an eBook is November 1. Other book formats will follow.
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Monday Funnies…

Some humor to help you ease into your week.
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Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog







Source: Tundra Comics

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