A Tale of Two Trees

I love cherries. My Beloved bought and planted two cherry trees for me. One is healthy, growing fast, and had a big first crop of cherries this year. The second tree is tiny. Shortly after it was planted it partially shriveled up and I thought it would die. I’d pretty much given up on it. Our home remodeling project is about to begin and I told Heidi it would be fine with me if the tiny tree was taken out during the construction project. It seemed highly unlikely it would bear fruit this season, and perhaps ever. With Heidi’s continued TLC it stayed alive but remained less than half the height and a quarter of the volume of the other tree.

I recently noticed Tiny Tree proudly displaying a single cherry. It was as if with mighty effort a lone cherry was the best it could do. But there was something about that effort and accomplishment that inspired a change of heart in me. I’m now going to leaf him where he is. I like rooting for the little guy. Puns aside, I believe life is like that. When we make the extra effort and do our best the universe seems to root for us and often offers extra support and TLC to help keep us going and growing.

May your days be filled with blessings.

With Love,


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Genuine Tragedies

Conflict today is often because two “right” people or groups made wrong choices yesterday.
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Kevin Barrett's Blog

Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights.
– Georg Hegel
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Perfect! Happy Mother’s Day to all living mothers and those who came before.
With Love,

P.S. In case the above image is blurry, the sign reads “Thank you Mom for not selling me to the circus.”

I didn't have my glasses on....

happy mother’s day

to all who do the mothering, have been mothered, or are in the circus. 

sometimes it’s one and the same. 

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Without Love

Without love life is but a withered flower.

May your days be filled with love and other blessings.


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Wise Mommy


(The photo is of my grandson Thomas and captures the joyful feelings expressed in the story below.)
I’d seen this story before but it resonated so deeply with me as I read it again that I wanted to share it with you.
A little girl had been shopping with her Mom in Walmart. She must have been
6-years-old, this beautiful red-haired, freckle-faced image of innocence. It
was pouring outside. The kind of rain that gushes over the top of rain
gutters, so much in a hurry to hit the earth it has no time to flow down the
spout. We all stood there under the awning and just inside the door of the
We waited, some patiently, others irritated because nature messed up their
hurried day. I am always mesmerized by rainfall. I got lost in the sound and
sight of the heavens washing away the dirt and dust of the world. Memories
of running, splashing so carefree as a child came pouring in as a welcome
reprieve from the worries of my day.
The little voice was so sweet as it broke the hypnotic trance we were all
caught in: “Mom, let’s run through the rain,” she said.
“What?” Mom asked.
“Let’s run through the rain!” she repeated.
“No, honey. We’ll wait until it slows down a bit,” Mom replied.
This young child waited about another minute and repeated: “Mom, let’s run
through the rain,”
“We’ll get soaked if we do,” Mom said.
“No, we won’t, Mom. That’s not what you said this morning,” the young girl
said as she tugged at her Mom’s arm.
“This morning? When did I say we could run through the rain and not get
“Don’t you remember? When you were talking to Daddy about his cancer, you
said, ‘If God can get us through this, he can get us through anything!”
The entire crowd stopped dead silent. I swear you couldn’t hear anything but
the rain. We all stood silently. No one came or left in the next few
Mom paused and thought for a moment about what she would say.
Now some would laugh it off and scold her for being silly. Some might even
ignore what was said. But this was a moment of affirmation in a young
child’s life. A time when innocent trust can be nurtured so that it will
bloom into faith.
“Honey, you are absolutely right. Let’s run through the rain. If God let’s
us get wet, well maybe we just needed washing,” Mom said.
Then off they ran. We all stood watching, smiling and laughing as they
darted past the cars and, yes, through the puddles. They held their shopping
bags over their heads. They got soaked. But they were followed by a few who
screamed and laughed like children all the way to their cars.
And yes, I did. I ran. I got wet. I needed washing.
On your birthday, send a thank you card to your mom.
Source: www.mikeysFunnies.com
May your days be filled with love and other blessings.
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Friends Flying High

Flora x3R

This is a scene from one of my latest children’s book projects, Flora Belle and Dreami Dragon.

With Love,



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