Artwork from 3 of My Books to Be Exhibited

Characters from three of my children’s books have been invited to be part of an art exhibit  titled Storybooks by the Bay.

The characters scheduled to make their first appearance in an art exhibit include Clyde the Green Giraffe, Hoozy Whatzadingle, Rusty Bear, and Wilbur the Duck who Flew Upside Down.


Clyde and I Slide Color Artwork clyde_pg02

I plan to come along to ensure they behave. This is all new to me so I’ve got to come up to speed fast. I conceived the ideas for the characters for my books, then Josh McGill and I developed the prototype, then he illustrated them.

I plan to select scenes from the books to create the hang-ready artwork for the exhibit. To help in my selection, I’d love to hear which scenes are your favorites. Thank you!

With Love,



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One More

Author Photo Tree B&W

I’ve gotten so much positive response from the B&W photo of Sea that I asked Ian to send a B&W version of Tree to me. Here it is. I’d love to get your feedback regarding which of the four you think would make the best author photo.

Sorry for all the photos of me. As I prefer to experience that which is inside a person, photos of myself are actually one of the least favorite things on which I prefer to focus. I believe that at least these two shots (Sea and Tree) best capture my spirit.

We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled program shortly. Thank you for your patience.

With Love,





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#WordlessWednesday – Stunning

Amazing photography. I enjoyed these and thought you would too.
With Love,



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My New Author Photos

Author Photo Sea Russ 5

My Beloved and I spent a delightful weekend with dear friends Ian and Sue Stevens in Pacific Grove. The Stevens’ are photography buffs and volunteered to take photos of me for possible use as my Author Photo. I plan to use my favorite three for that purpose. They’re the top three photos in this post. The black and white version will be included in future books as it is much cheaper to print them that way. Collectively, I call the three photos Tree and Sea. I think Ian and Sue did a great job, especially considering the what they had to work with (though the location was gorgeous!)

I’m including the photo I had been using below for comparison purposes. Same beautiful location and same me, but much, much better photos of me. See what I mean? Thank you, Ian and Sue!

Russ Towne - author photo for web

With Love,



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I love this quote, and wholeheartedly believe in its truth and wisdom.

I didn't have my glasses on....

14051750_1755201121386244_2296373651560579612_n (1)

image credit: wordables

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I Had What I Needed All Along…

I love this post, its humor, and lessons so much that I’m re-blogging it. Thank you, Diana.



Sometimes you find that you already have what you need…

Well I pulled another Diana. Sometimes I wonder where my head’s at.

For weeks I’ve been driving around without windshield washer fluid. I know, I know, it’s not the smartest thing to do. In fact the other morning I barely saw the man who ran across 17th Avenue as I was driving to work with the sun in my eyes.

So finally on Thursday, I stopped in at the gas station to buy some windshield washer. I popped the hood, filled up on the fluid and opened the trunk to store the rest. And what to my chagrin did I see? A half jug of windshield washer fluid already neatly stored in the right-hand corner of my trunk.

Quite the metaphor for everyday life too. Sometimes we put off doing something because we don’t feel qualified, or we can’t do it because we’ve never done…

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He’s Got My Priorities Right

During a visit by our son Ben and grandson Thomas this afternoon the four-year old asked My Beloved , “You’re a real teacher, right Mama?”

She replied, “Yes, and so were your Mama and Papa Okano before they retired. Do you know what your Papa Towne does?”

Thomas nodded his head, smiled, and said, “He hangs around with me!”

With Love,






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