Dragons, Unicorns, Ducks, & Giraffes


My audiobook adventure has been a total delight. I’ve made 14 offers to voice talent/producers. They yielded 11 released audiobooks, with three more in production and scheduled for release this month and next.
I just listed for auditions a series three sets of my children’s books all with the Russ Towne’s Children’s Stories brand:
Audiobook Book 1: Clyde the Green Giraffe (My 4 Clyde stories)
Audiobook Book 2: Dragons and Unicorns (3 stories)
mysti 12r-2
Audiobook Book 3: Wilbur the Duck Who Flew Upside Down (and 3 more tales)
I’m blessed to be working with amazing and talented people who keep me smiling from ear to ear.
With love,
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Cover Reveal: Six Shots Each Gun

six shots each gun coverfrontcover

One of the fun projects on which I’m working, actually playing, is an anthology of western stories titled, Six Shots Each Gun. The title comes from the fact that two authors are each contributing six new stories. I’m one of the two writers. The other is author Holly Bargo. Holly has written many books, including quite a number in the fantasy genre, but this is her first western. She knows horses, ranching, and a wealth of related information that I’ve often tapped for use in my earlier westerns.

I’ve read and enjoyed her six stories for this book, and believe you will too. Holly’s stories are traditional westerns. Some shine extra light on the roles, hardships, confining social mores, and injustices women faced in the old west.

Six Shots Each Gun is scheduled for release next month.

With love,


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Patch is My Fastest Selling Western

Western Book Publishing Industry Expert Nick Wales just announced: The fastest selling Russ Towne hit yet! “Patch: United States Marshal” is heading up the charts!


Of all the western books I’ve written to date, this is my favorite. Based on feedback I’ve gotten from readers, it’s their favorite too. If you’re only going to read one of my westerns, make it this one. I believe you’ll be happy with your choice.
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When I listen to my spirit but don’t act on the message I feel out of integrity. That feeling persists and often grows stronger until I bring my words, thoughts, and actions back into alignment with my spirit.

With love,



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Listening to How They Feel


The image was taken in my copse of redwoods.


When I eat right, my body feels right. When I do right, my spirit feels right.

With love,



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New Audiobook: Reflections from the Heart of a Grateful Man

reflections from the heart of a grateful man ebook cover

Reflections from the Heart of a Grateful Man

Heartwarming and sometimes humorous true stories and observations about life, its joys, challenges, rewards, heartaches, and triumphs. This is a compilation of most of the work found in two earlier titles, From the Heart of a Grateful Man, and Reflections of a Grateful Man.


Also available as a hardcover on Amazon.

With love,




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New Audiobook: When All Hell Breaks Loose: The Epic Adventures of Longshot Hanson

When All Hell Breaks Loose Cover thumbnail

When All Hell Breaks Loose

New Audiobook!: When All Hell Breaks Loose: The Epic Adventures of Longshot Hanson

During the Civil War, young Leith Hanson quickly becomes known as the best shot in his unit. He is so accurate that he quickly earns the nickname “Longshot” and is selected for a special sharpshooter unit. After the war, Longshot just wants to put the war behind him and move on with his life, but friends from those bloody days need a man with his special skills to help them overcome terrible odds just to stay alive.

Too Many Notches Carved in My Soul.

Longshot is called upon to help a former brother-in-arms who is about to lose his farm and possibly his life and the lives of his family due to the greed of a powerful man with Napoleonic ambitions.

War Wounds.

Some war wounds can’t be seen and never heal. Sometimes, even the invisible ones get infected, and the poison keeps growing until their victims believe there is only one thing left to do. A friend from the war requests help from his sharpshooting friend when it seems everyone turns against him.

School of Hostages.

A letter from a woman who claims to be the wife of a man Longshot thought was killed in the war begs Leith to come save their town’s children, who are all being held hostage in their school by a ruthless man and his gang.

Annie’s Long Shots.

Newly widowed Annie Davenport fights for the life of her little boy and herself and to save her ranch. She faces a deadly drought, an evil man who threatens to steal her ranch if she doesn’t marry him, and horse thieves who steal the herd that might have saved her family and spread. She’s at the end of her rope. Leith Hanson has an idea that might help her to survive, but it means they’ll both have to risk it all in a long-shot struggle to survive.

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