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Life’s Best Moments

Life’s best moments for me are when my heart is touched by the words and actions of others and I feel a universal connection. I’m grateful to all who have created such moments for me, and to all who would … Continue reading

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My Focus and Wish

To do what I love with those I love, be grateful for everything, foster connection and ease suffering, and help people see the greatness and goodness within themselves and others. May your New Year be filled with blessings. With Love, Russ

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Joyous Connection

Sometimes my heart is touched so deeply tears of joyous connection flow. With love, Russ

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Struggles, Suffering, Joy, and Connection

Too often when I’ve focused primarily on myself it has led to greater struggle and suffering. When I focus my efforts and energy on creating and maintaining relationships and communities that share similar priorities, values, ethics, and goals, I often … Continue reading

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There Really Are a Lot of Good People Out There

A friend named Dennis just shared with me the following story and said I could share it with you. I enjoy experiencing and sharing such stories, and believe you do too. With Love, Russ “…thought I’d share a story with … Continue reading

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I sometimes hear from readers that something I wrote inspired tears. I love to hear when something that comes from my heart and spirit creates such a close connection with the hearts and spirits of others that happy or healing … Continue reading

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Exciting News about Heart Whispers

The poetry anthology project titled Heart Whispers now has 16 poets contributing a total of 66 poems. The deadline for sending poems for consideration is May 31, so there is still a little time left! I’d love to experience your … Continue reading

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I Just Opened a Window

It began to feel a bit stuffy in my home office, so I just opened a window. It only took a moment, but in the space of a heart-beat magic happened. My senses were aroused by the sumptuous melodies of … Continue reading

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Jigsaw Sculpture

I am occasionally asked regarding how or where I get ideas for my poems, lyrics, and short stories. The ideas come from everywhere and everything. Sometimes a single word or phrase ignites a spark of an idea. Sometimes it is … Continue reading

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A Great Valentines Day Gift From Misifusa

Misifusa from http://misifusa.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/lovely-valentine-liebsters/ just honored my blog with the Liebster Award. Thank you misifusa. If you haven’t checked out misifusa’s site I recommend that you do so. Here are some questions misifusa requested that I answer: 1. What’s your favorite … Continue reading

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