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My Writer’s Lair

I’ve often been curious as to where writers go when they create their worlds. In case you’ve ever wondered where I go, the above are images of my writer’s lair. You may notice the ever-present dogs and at least one … Continue reading

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An Announcement and Opportunity

I just finished the initial full draft of my first official novella-length story, titled It Was Her Eyes. I’ve never been more proud of my writing nor felt more like a writer than when I typed “The End” after completing this phase of … Continue reading

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I now have an official BookBub Author Profile: My BookBub Author Profile https://www.bookbub.com/authors/russ-towne-487be5ba-1b7c-44e6-84c8-21c554cd2944 Who will be the first to “Follow” me there? Please check it out. I’d appreciate it! With Love, Russ        

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They Were Dancing in the Streets!

Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies   I received a Christmas day surprise when I went onto Amazon.com to find Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies was released on Christmas Eve! This is the story that my co-writer Josh Friedman and … Continue reading

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Guess Who’s Visiting

My son Brian, his wife Kristi, and our grandtwins Alex and Zach are in visiting! Happy days! Alex loves “The purple hippo book” (my book titled Clyde and I Help a Hippo to Fly.) He’s asked me to read it … Continue reading

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Santa’s Helper: The Beginning of a New Short Fiction Story

Hi. I’ve been so focused on releasing several children’s books that I’ve not written a new fiction story for adults in months. Well, finally a story has begun to bubble up for me. The working title is called Santa’s Helper. The … Continue reading

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A Special Day

Having my books featured at the Parents Resources Fair today was a special joy. I got to interact with a lot of amazing children and parents. It was a special treat seeing a child’s eyes light up when they saw … Continue reading

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I’m Being Interviewed By a Reporter from Our Local Newspaper

A reporter from our local newspaper is scheduled to interview me next week about my books, what got me into writing at such a late stage in life, where the ideas for my books and stories came from, why such a … Continue reading

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A Question & Free Book Offer Regarding Showing Book Photos and Links in the Blog Page

Hi, everyone. I just released my twelfth book, and the next one should be coming out in a couple of weeks or so. I know how to embed the link for the Amazon listing and photo of each book in a … Continue reading

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Free Autographs & Special Sales Prices on All My Books!

I’m excited to announce special sales prices on all my books! For a limited time, you can buy any of my books autographed by me for only US$6.95!* SAVE EVEN MORE WHEN YOU BUY MORE: An EXTRA 10% OFF when … Continue reading

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