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Way to Go, Toronto!

Photo Credit raw pixel via An eighteen-year old who desperately wanted to get a job so he could feed his family was caught trying to shoplift the clothes he needed for a job interview. Instead of arresting him, the … Continue reading

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Making a Difference in a Creative Way

I love to read about efforts that combine the resources of non-profits with profitable companies for the good of society. The article linked below appears to me to fall into that category.  Way to go, Amazon and FareStart! I see this as … Continue reading

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Colossal Kindness from a Tiny Town

I believe I may have read at least part of this story before, but I enjoyed (re-?)reading it so much a few minutes ago that I wanted to share it with you. It’s long by social media standards, but I … Continue reading

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Reporting for Duty

The day after 9/11, a man appeared at a New York City firehouse offering to help. He was a former employee — he had worked at the firehouse from 1980 to 1984 before changing careers. Despite his nearly two decades … Continue reading

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Love in Action

I love to see ever-increasing numbers of stories of children doing such heart-warming things. There is much to be hopeful about regarding the future. Love in Action With Love, Russ

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A Monstrously Good Idea

A Monstrously Good Idea A mother at her wit’s end is helped by a stranger in an unusual way. I enjoyed this story and think you will too. With Love, Russ

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“What a Gift that Is”

This story touched me and I believe it will touch you too.  A single dad with an autistic child and a job as a dishwasher, a broken van, a $1,500 bill it took him six months to save the money … Continue reading

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