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The Only Limitation

People who believe they have no smiles left inside them are greatly short-changing themselves and the world. Within each of us is a nearly infinite number of potential smiles that is only limited by how many days of life we’re granted. With … Continue reading

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A Tough Decision

As the scheduled birth of his younger sister is now less than two months away, our grandson Thomas announced he is having difficulty choosing whether she should be named “Princess Leia” or “Dreami.” (The latter is the name of the kind … Continue reading

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Finally Free

I’ve always gained so much more than I thought I’d lost whenever I had the courage to let go of that which I ignorantly clutched so tightly for so long. With Love, Russ

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Cocoons and Sunshine

As I laid in bed this morning, luxuriating in the warmth on my skin, knowing that in a moment I would rise and begin a new day, the seeds of the poem below came to me. I rose, grabbed some … Continue reading

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Choices and Pain

I believe that when people go through awful experiences–especially situations where other folks hurt us–we have a choice. We can choose to let what we went through become an excuse to close our heart in an attempt to protect ourselves … Continue reading

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Hearing You, and More Reasons for Considering Changes

Thank you to those of you who provided feedback regarding possible big changes that I mentioned in my last post. Most of those comments indicate a preference that I leave everything all in one blog. I’ve listened. A new blog … Continue reading

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The Threshold of Your Heart

Which way? To me that is simple (but not always easy): I follow where my heart leads. “The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the … Continue reading

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What The Living Can Learn From The Biggest Regrets of The Dying

The URL below is to a poignant and powerful article about the biggest regrets that are most often given by those who are at the end of their life. I believe that many readers will discover a surprise or two. … Continue reading

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Follow Your Own Heart

“Follow your own heart, regardless of what others tell you to do. When all is said and done, it’s you who has to live with your decisions and how your heart feels about it.” I don’t know who originated that … Continue reading

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Focusing on the Relationship

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was when I decided to focus on improving my relationships rather than trying to improve my wife, friends, partners, children, co-workers, and others. When I focus on the relatiohsip I know that … Continue reading

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