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    Choices   I just read an article and watched a short video that touched me deeply. It is a commercial, but one which highlights positive attributes of the human condition and spirit, kindness, compassion, love, and choices. I … Continue reading

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The Only Limitation

People who believe they have no smiles left inside them are greatly short-changing themselves and the world. Within each of us is a nearly infinite number of potential smiles that is only limited by how many days of life we’re granted. With … Continue reading

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High Stakes

Please keep speaking your truth from your heart. Over time, you’ll find yourself increasingly surrounded by those who do the same. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. There will sometimes be pain for whole-heartedly living life this way but … Continue reading

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Our Relationship is An Appreciating Asset

In a comment to my last post, a reader asked why one person stays loyal and another breaks the heart of a devoted spouse. Here was my reply: My guess it’s as varied as each couple. It breaks my heart to … Continue reading

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What Do You Think?

I’m continuing to play this weekend on my book of poetry the working title for which has been Glimpses (as in “Glimpses of my Heart and Spirit.” You can see some of my poetry at  Grateful Man’s Poetry I’m attempting to put my … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Dance

I usually post my poetry on my poetry blog A Grateful Man’s Poetry at A Grateful Man’s Poetry rather than this one but in this case my heart whispered to include it on this site as well, and I’ve learned to listen … Continue reading

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Roles It saddens me to see many play silent roles, bit parts, and cameos in the movies of their lives; treating life as a dress rehearsal. Many choose victim roles rather than risk being the heroes they can be. Some … Continue reading

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The Kind of Friend I Want to Be

The Kind of Friend I Want to Be One day I found I had false friends It broke my heart and I blamed them But blaming those I couldn’t count on Taught me nothing and I was wrong I had … Continue reading

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Change of Heart: A Children’s Rhyming Story

Change of Heart  “Why do you look so sad?” asked my friend Chad.  “It’s because of the bad day I’ve had!”  He asked, “What’s wrong with your eyes?”  Now that was a big surprise!  As he and I sat to … Continue reading

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I very rarely listen to or read “the news” from traditional channels. On average their news stories are far too negative (and often politically motivated and slanted) for me. I focus on the positive by investing time to read and … Continue reading

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