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Seeing What’s Right in Front of Me

I’m now on my fourth office move within my home as the construction encroaches on prior locations. I’ve worked in the current location for several days. A few moments ago I happened to look up from my computer and instead of … Continue reading

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I’ve sometimes wanted to grasp onto my anger, pain, and feelings of victim-hood, and never let go. They helped to define me and my situation, and it sometimes felt good to throw myself a big old pity party. It is … Continue reading

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All the Important Things

I was recently asked, “If you could make three wishes, what would they be? (Wishing for unlimited wishes couldn’t be one of them.)” I replied: “I only need one wish. I wish for lasting joy for everyone. I believe it … Continue reading

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Choices and Pain

I believe that when people go through awful experiences–especially situations where other folks hurt us–we have a choice. We can choose to let what we went through become an excuse to close our heart in an attempt to protect ourselves … Continue reading

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Dreams, and What Actually Happens

I used to say to people, “May your dreams come true.” I’ve learned that quite frequently that isn’t what leads a person to lasting joy. I’m now more likely to say, “May your dreams come true, or may what actually … Continue reading

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Whenever I receive an email or other message with a link and a note that says something to the effect that opening it is a fun way to waste time, I immediately delete the message without opening the link. It … Continue reading

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It Will Be Enough

Now is all the time I have, but if I invest it wisely, it will be enough. Love, Russ

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