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Caring and Courage

I still care greatly what friends and family in particular think of me, but do what I do anyway. I believe it’s a bit like being afraid but not letting fear control my life. I acknowledge it’s there and most … Continue reading

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My Old Friend is Gone

Duke collapsed yesterday morning and had a hard time getting up. I rushed him to the vet, they examined him and had me bring him to the emergency medical hospital last night. He kept getting worse and became non-responsive this … Continue reading

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False Friends

A friend on Facebook and in life sent a note along the lines that she was impressed by the promotional activities I’d just begun. I feel immensely grateful for her comment, and for all the wonderfully supportive and inspirational comments and … Continue reading

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“Ki-Gra’s REALLY, REALLY Big Day!” has been Released on Amazon in time for the Holidays!

http://www.amazon.com/Ki-Gras-REALLY-BIG-Day/dp/1501069578/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1416549522&sr=8-6&keywords=Russ+Towne With Love, Russ

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A Delightful Visit, an Error, and Some Updates

I had a delightful lunch with a fellow blogger and friend I got to meet in person for the first time last Friday. It occurred to me that I haven’t gotten permission to say who it was so I’ll just … Continue reading

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Suddenly You Just Know

Source: The Breast Cancer Site’s photo. Suddenly you just know. When you hear the whispers of your heart, love emerges from your fertile spirit where it waited patiently for your understanding to beautify and inspire the world. Thank you for … Continue reading

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Secrets and Truth

A kind reader recently said–likely with tongue firmly in cheek–that my secrets are safe with her. Joke or not, I appreciated her comment and am grateful for such friends. In actuality, I don’t fear my “secrets” being exposed because I … Continue reading

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