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Chewbacca and Happy Hollow

Our son Brian sent a link that included this interesting fact from Wikipedia: Chewbacca’s dialogue was created from recordings of walruses, camels, bears, and badgers from Burtt’s personal sound library. One of the most prominent elements was an American black bear living in the Happy Hollow Zoo in San … Continue reading

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The Touch

When our children were young we were fortunate to have the option of being able to have a parent stay at home to raise our children while the other worked outside the home. My Beloved chose to focus her many … Continue reading

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Pig Saves Baby Goat From Drowning

I love when I see animals of different species rescue and support each other. If they can do it, it seems as though humans of different races, cultures, and religions, could do more of it. Below is a link to … Continue reading

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