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Heroes​ Come in All Ages

A quick-thinking nineteen-year-old crane operator saves fourteen people from a burning building. Hero With love, Russ Story source: Leo @ Not All News is Bad Photo credit: Mohamed Nohassi via Unsplash.com    

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To Young People Everywhere

May you make your life a great adventure, and when you look back upon it after many decades of good health, may you smile with pride and a lifetime of wonderful memories. With Love, Russ

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A Warm Heart on a Cold Day

From the time I was a young boy all the way through my most of my thirties I tended not to fit in with most of my peers. I was introverted, socially awkward, lacked confidence, and often felt shunned and … Continue reading

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Many More Opportunites Every Day

I loved this vid, its message, and the looks on the man’s face. I believe you will too. http://www.viralnova.com/homeless-surprise/#.U93CKpLsws8.facebook

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For Those Who Felt Picked on and Ridiculed

I just wrote a short story for those who felt picked on and ridiculed as kids. It is labeled fictional, but in truth, all of the things that happened to “Chris” actually happened to me (except the part about other … Continue reading

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A Smile and a Wave

A smile and a wave go a long way help to make a lot of people’s day… http://kindnessblog.com/2014/02/26/elderly-woman-waves-at-students-every-day-then-she-got-a-huge-surprise/ With Love, Russ

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Greater Than Gold

The seed of this piece came to me as I read a comment from Diana earlier today describing a most kind and generous act indeed. Diana, this poem is dedicated to your kind daughter and her wonderful mother for whom … Continue reading

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