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A Lifelong Friendship

Each book is an opportunity to begin a beautiful friendship, some of which last a lifetime. With Love, Russ

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Being There

Many of the most powerful moments in my life, the times I feel the most alive, the most useful, and the most connected to everyone and everything are those times I am there when someone needs me the most. Just … Continue reading

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My Old Friend Duke is Having a Very Bad Day

My Old Friend My old friend Duke is having a very a rough day. He collapsed and couldn’t get up this morning. I rushed him to the veterinarian. His red blood cell count is 18% of normal. The vet referred … Continue reading

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My Illness this Week Reminded Me of My Old Friend

My Old Friend I’ve been ill this week and as usual my great dog Duke stand at my side the whole time (other than the occasional potty break.) That reminded me of a song lyric I wrote to honor Duke, our … Continue reading

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False Friends

A friend on Facebook and in life sent a note along the lines that she was impressed by the promotional activities I’d just begun. I feel immensely grateful for her comment, and for all the wonderfully supportive and inspirational comments and … Continue reading

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Way to Go, Canada!

Way to go, Canada! We in the U.S. are blessed to have you as our northern neighbors! Way to Go. Canada! With Love, Russ  

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The Kind of Friend I Want to Be

The Kind of Friend I Want to Be One day I found I had false friends It broke my heart and I blamed them But blaming those I couldn’t count on Taught me nothing and I was wrong I had … Continue reading

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