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A Dying Man’s Last Request

A Dying Man’s Last Request My biological father was an avid golfer. He always dreamed of playing the Pebble Beach Golf Course. He and another man wanted to play the course together, so they began to pool their savings in … Continue reading

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Blanket Forts and Grandsons

I recently got to build a blanket fort with my oldest grandson Thomas. He’s two years old. I used to love building and playing in blanket forts when I was a kid, then with my children, and now I get … Continue reading

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Lessons on Life

I found the information linked below to be worth every second I invested in experiencing it, and believe some of you will too. With Love, Russ

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Below is an excerpt from my book “Reflections of a Grateful Man”. I P O Y I occasionally write the letters “I P O Y” on the bottom of emails and other written communications to one of my sons. The … Continue reading

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My First Non-Fiction Book For Adults Has Just Been Released Or, you could just go to and type “Russ Towne” in the search field to see all my books and hear several of my songs. “From the Heart of a Grateful Man” is focused on Relationships, Family, and … Continue reading

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The Trouble Tree

A friend sent this story to me and I thought some of you would enjoy it as I did. With Love, Russ I hired a plumber to help me restore an old farmhouse, and after he had just finished a … Continue reading

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I work from home and have no commute, so My Beloved often leaves for work before I rise in the morning. That leads to a morning ritual that I love: The Dream-Kiss Asleep in our bed So soft and warm. … Continue reading

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