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Can You Guess What the Three Letter Word Is?

I believe this clip will be eye-opening for many… Three letter word… With Love, Russ  

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A Painful Confession

Most of my books have received excellent reviews. Several have a perfect 5-star review score on Amazon. I know that some or all of my books will also receive less than glowing reviews, and indeed that has happened to some of them. … Continue reading

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The Silence Between the Words

(Source: Ute Lark shared Motivation Live share of Zig Ziglar’s quote) (Source: Let’s Be Positive Together) One of the tasks of true friendship is to listen compassionately and creatively to the hidden silences. Often secrets are not revealed in words, … Continue reading

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Making Dreams Come True & All the Fears & Shadows That are Coming Up For Me

A big part of my dream of bringing my first two children’s books to life and into the hands of young children and their loved ones was to give my friends and loved ones from various communities the opportunity to … Continue reading

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The Curb

Dear friends: The poem below is dedicated to all who have lost loved ones, to those who have healed, and those who still struggle with their pain, grief, and/or regret at not having said or done what they now wish … Continue reading

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“If Only…”

“If Only…” “If only…” he said ‘til the day he died Let regrets drown His dreams inside Paralyzed in the present By mistakes of the past Gave up on living Until dying at last Few words are so cruel Or … Continue reading

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