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When Will I Learn?

A friend just reminded me that I can either judge people or I can love them. I’m amazed at how often I forget that love is the answer to so many questions. It’s such a simple concept that I often … Continue reading

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I Love this Video

I love this video and I’ll bet most of you will too. Connecting the Dots I Love this Video With Love, Russ

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Dark Beauties

Dark Beauties   Delightful tree silhouettes Framed by dusk-dimmed skies Your verdant beauty turns to black Before enchanted eyes You don’t complain about the change As nightfall draws near You simply use the light that’s left To make your silhouettes … Continue reading

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I love the story at Misifusa’s blog that is linked below. I’d have re-blogged it if it wasn’t already a reblog. I am inspired yet saddened by what Anonymous must be going through to write such a letter, and for the … Continue reading

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Leaps of Faith and Acts of Love

Last night I started out at about 8pm with the seed of an idea for what I thought would be another flash fiction piece. Over seven hours of non-stop writing later I finished the 7-page story, “Touched.” I looked at … Continue reading

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I’m There!

(Source: Sun Gazing’s photo) With Love, Russ

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“There is more hunger in the world for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.” –Mother Theresa The great news is that we have within us an almost infinite potential to give love and appreciation, and they are … Continue reading

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Living Life Inside Out

A recent post by Peter Wells at Counting Ducks mentioned a phrase something along the lines of “Living life inside out”. That reminded me of a post I’d written some time ago with a similar theme and I decided to … Continue reading

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“I Choose Love”

I saw the article linked here on Andrea Kelly’s FB page. Thank you, Andrea. This man is modeling love and acceptance in a wonderful way. With Love, Russ

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A Play that Changed Hearts and Lives Some plays change the course of games. This one changed hearts and lives. I highly recommend that you watch this short clip until the end. With Love, Russ

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