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I thought some of you might be interested in reading to whom I dedicated A Day in the Shade of a A Tickletoe Tree: To Claremary P. Sweeney, Pamela Beckford, Ute Lark, Beth Kennedy, and Pamela Read, each of whom … Continue reading

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Hello Again

It has been nearly a month since my last post. Much has happened during that time. I plan to update you all when I come up for air. It may be another two to four weeks before I get back … Continue reading

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A Fire Hose Through a Drinking Straw

A reader recently commented that it takes courage to rise above the pain by your true self. I agree. In my case, it did take courage, though at some point, it wasn’t just that I wanted to share what I … Continue reading

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Making Dreams Come True & All the Fears & Shadows That are Coming Up For Me

A big part of my dream of bringing my first two children’s books to life and into the hands of young children and their loved ones was to give my friends and loved ones from various communities the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Those Who Help Me Be

(Source: Megan at I Stop For Suffering) Thank you to all of you who help me be. Your love, support, and friendship, are precious to me. Love, Russ

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When Words Aren’t Enough

This post is longer than most that I send, and it has even been abbreviated from the version I received from a friend. I believe it to be true but haven’t Snopesed it because I WANT it to be true, … Continue reading

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A Model Of The Type Of Person I Aspire To Be

I’m a lighthouse lover. To me they symbolize many positive things including quiet strength, service, sacrifice for the good of others, a beacon of hope, rising above challenges, a friend reaching out to help, standing up for those in trouble, … Continue reading

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