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Truth Finds a Way

Truth always seems to find ways to reach the light. I think that’s another great reason to try to live life in such a way that one never needs to fear the truth. With love, Russ Photo Credit: Peter Oslanec via … Continue reading

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High Stakes

Please keep speaking your truth from your heart. Over time, you’ll find yourself increasingly surrounded by those who do the same. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. There will sometimes be pain for whole-heartedly living life this way but … Continue reading

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Hello Again

It has been nearly a month since my last post. Much has happened during that time. I plan to update you all when I come up for air. It may be another two to four weeks before I get back … Continue reading

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Secrets and Truth

A kind reader recently said–likely with tongue firmly in cheek–that my secrets are safe with her. Joke or not, I appreciated her comment and am grateful for such friends. In actuality, I don’t fear my “secrets” being exposed because I … Continue reading

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From the Love of Truth

“Simplicity and sincerity generally go hand in hand., as both proceed from the love of truth.” –Mary Wollstonecraft (Source: Ute Lark shared from Precious World) — “Surround yourself with the warmth of positive people. It’s like being wrapped in a … Continue reading

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Home Maintenance

Our lawns need mowing A cobweb’s growing A gate is sagging Repairs are lagging Shelves are dusty A latch is rusty A faucet leaks Our hall floor creaks Laundry’s piled on the floor A broken knob is on a door … Continue reading

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Truth Beckons

Dare I heed its call? I’ve fought it for so long Did all I could to stall But I see now I was wrong But when bigotry was all I knew It was safer with my own kind So I … Continue reading

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I just saw this photo. Beneath it were two words that struck me like a drum echoing ripples outward and bouncing around in my brain: “Truth beckons.” So much message in two little words… Russ

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The Wait

Light can be too bright It can even hurt our eyes And make us blind If too much shines at one time Perhaps truth and wisdom Are like light’s rays We take in what we can But the rest must … Continue reading

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And That’s The Truth!

I’ll bet much more truth would transpire If liars’ pants really caught on fire! Russ Towne

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