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Hello Again

It has been nearly a month since my last post. Much has happened during that time. I plan to update you all when I come up for air. It may be another two to four weeks before I get back … Continue reading

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Loving Towards Healing

(Source: A friend shared this Exploring the Truth’s photo) I’ve found that most often fighting against something creates more violence and destruction, while loving towards something often creates healing of the human spirit and our world. With Love, Russ

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Ending the Cycle of Suffering

Some time ago I read a saying that I would have at one time agreed with and found humorous, but now just saddens me: “KARMA: No need for revenge. Just sit back and wait. Those who hurt you will eventually … Continue reading

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Terrible Times, and Choices

A recent post discussed difficult times. In the comments section of that post some comments were made something to the effect that difficult times can make someone better and more kind. I agree. Below is part of a reply I … Continue reading

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Creative Loving

(Source: Unknown) A little creativity can go a long way in love. Russ

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When I Think Of Gina

The poem below is written for, and dedicated to, Gina, one of my earliest WordPress supporters and a dear friend whom I much admire. Thank you, dear Gina, for making my world better, brighter, and kinder. Russ When I Think … Continue reading

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The Treasure

There are pieces of my spirit In all that I create Offers of connectedness I hope will resonate May you find that what I write Is loving, kind, and true And invites a deeper delving Into the treasure that is … Continue reading

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