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Secrets and Truth

A kind reader recently said–likely with tongue firmly in cheek–that my secrets are safe with her. Joke or not, I appreciated her comment and am grateful for such friends. In actuality, I don’t fear my “secrets” being exposed because I … Continue reading

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When Words Fail Hugs Often Help

It can be frustrating to want to help someone and not know what to do or say. Sometimes when words fail, My Beloved and I just hug each other tightly for as long as it takes, letting the hug do … Continue reading

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Humor, Trust, and Relationships

I tend to avoid sarcasm, tricks, practical jokes, or humor at the expense of another. I’ve seen the damage they can inflict on relationships, eroding trust, damaging self-esteem, and sometimes even destroying a relationship. Because I’m so trusting of my … Continue reading

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Caring Communications

I saw this on Misifusa’s Blog and love it. Caring and showing that I care when communicating are important to me, whether I am speaking, writing, or listening. Thank you for the great reminder, Misifusa!

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Healing Words

“Words. They can arouse. They can make you laugh, and make you cry. But if you find the one who can heal you with their words, never let them go.” –Unknown (Source: Forever Awezome) I love this quote. To me, … Continue reading

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Gossip Machines

I try not to feed Gossip Machines As they are often Untrue and mean I can’t say I never fed them Because that would be untrue In my weaker moments I gossiped Though I now work hard not to Gossip … Continue reading

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This Buddy Really Came Through

My Old Friend-Final Mix There are so many sad stories about homeless people in my country, that when I find an especially happy one I like to share it. This is the story of a homeless man in a remote … Continue reading

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