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Final Update on My Beloved’s Leg

After over two weeks with her left leg above her heart, My Beloved’s leg has healed to the point where she can walk on it without  much discomfort (versus excruciating pain just a few days ago.) She is up and … Continue reading

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My Beloved

Several of you have asked for update regarding Heidi. Her situation is improving. They put her back on one of the antibiotic drugs they thought was causing the allergy reaction and gave a different non-drowsy drug to her for the allergic reaction, … Continue reading

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I wanted to give to you an update regarding My Beloved. On the first day of our vacation to Disneyland with our grandson, his parents, and our adult daughter Stephanie, Heidi’s left leg was invaded by a super-aggressive infection. I … Continue reading

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Being There

Many of the most powerful moments in my life, the times I feel the most alive, the most useful, and the most connected to everyone and everything are those times I am there when someone needs me the most. Just … Continue reading

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“Scars Are Only Ugly to People Who Can’t See”

Wisdom from an “old man.” Love and Grieving With Love, Russ

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When Words Fail Hugs Often Help

It can be frustrating to want to help someone and not know what to do or say. Sometimes when words fail, My Beloved and I just hug each other tightly for as long as it takes, letting the hug do … Continue reading

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A Simple Act

Here is an excerpt from my soon-to-be-released non-fiction book, “Reflections of a Grateful Man”. A Simple Act When I was in my late teens I thought I was having a heart attack, but it proved to be a collapsed lung … Continue reading

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Speaking of Flying…

I just completed the rough drafts of my first two non-fiction books not written for children, all 64,541 words worth. It has been fun writing them. One is titled, “From the Heart of a Grateful Man” and deals with love, … Continue reading

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Include Yourself

(Source: Ute Lark’s Smile at me) (Source: Forever Awezome) (Source: Healing Hugs) With Love, Russ

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Loving Towards Healing

(Source: A friend shared this Exploring the Truth’s photo) I’ve found that most often fighting against something creates more violence and destruction, while loving towards something often creates healing of the human spirit and our world. With Love, Russ

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