One of Those Moments

It happened again. I was working in my new office for the first time this morning doing something I love for my investment Clients and myself when a chorus of bird songs caused me to stop and listen through my open windows at their “It’s great-to-be-alive message.” I don’t speak bird, and can’t swear that’s what they were singing, but their songs are so delightful that I’ll bet my interpretation is fairly close.

I looked up to see my tiny grove of redwood trees swaying to the timeless rhythm of the wind’s caress. The invisible visitor even took a moment to say hello with a gentle kiss to my face.

The redwoods proudly sported the lighter green needles of new growth which contrasted so handsomely against their darker more experienced brethren.

I felt the pleasant warmth of our faithful dog Sadie as she lay at my bare feet, her black coat gently tickling my toes.

I was engulfed with immense gratitude to be able to experience it all in my office while I did what I love without having or needing a boss or commute. I know that many people dream of retirement and I can understand why, but as for me, I’ve been retired, and this is so much better.

In that moment, as  I simmered in those thoughts, I asked myself how much money it would take to get me to give it all up and go back to work in a regular office with a boss and a commute doing something I didn’t love. I couldn’t think of a large enough number.

May your days be filled with blessings.

With Love,




About russtowne

I'm awed by the beauty of nature and the power of love and gratitude. Some of my favorite sensory experiences include waves crashing on rocky shores, waterways in ancient redwood and fern-filled forests, and rain. My wife and I have been married since 1979. We have 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren. I manage a wealth management firm that I founded in 2003. My Beloved is a Special Education teacher for Kindergartners and First Graders. I'm a published author of approximately 60 books in a variety of genres for grownups and children.
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16 Responses to One of Those Moments

  1. What a beautiful moment!

  2. quiall says:

    You have found your joy!

  3. utesmile says:

    You are one lucky man, enjoying what you do , where you do it and having additional nature concerts. The best job in the world. Do you need an assistant in your office – I am good in listening and enjoying the moment too 🙂 enjoy the moments as they are arising!

  4. ksbeth says:

    this sounds absolutely perfect, and your gratitude shines through –

  5. It’s not just that you have that wonderful vision and lifting sounds Russ, it’s that you have the wisdom to look and listen. I’m happy for you.

  6. Mrs. P says:

    I feel your joy, Russ! I am right with you on working at a job I didn’t enjoy…there isn’t a figure worth trading the freedom of being able to take those moments when they come into view. It’s the simple things that bring me the greatest joy.

  7. Birds can be so nice and lovely and so annoying at the same time, just my thought

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