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May all those who feel disconnected and alone find healing, love, peace, and hope. With Love, Russ

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Chewbacca and Happy Hollow

Our son Brian sent a link that included this interesting fact from Wikipedia: Chewbacca’s dialogue was created from recordings of walruses, camels, bears, and badgers from Burtt’s personal sound library. One of the most prominent elements was an American black bear living in the Happy Hollow Zoo in San … Continue reading

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What’s with all the Rusty Bear Stuff?

I was recently asked: “So, I noticed the Record Label is Rusty Bear Music and one of your children’s books is about Rusty Bear…so what’s the story behind Rusty Bear. Curious people want to know! lol :D” I thought some of … Continue reading

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When I was in the hospital recovering from lung surgery many years ago, a friend gave a teddy bear to me. He knew that I’d long outgrown such gifts, but seeing how miserable, drugged-up and helpless I was, he decided … Continue reading

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