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Among Giants

My Beloved and I hiked along Purissima Creek through giant redwoods, luscious ferns, waterfalls, fields of horsetails, and flowering redwood sorrel today. It was a gorgeous day. We’re grateful to live so close to so much beauty. With Love, Russ   … Continue reading

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A Golden Moment

I’d been sitting at my desk a little too long yesterday and decided to take a five minute break to see what beautiful and interesting things I could experience and capture with my phone camera. The images above are the first in … Continue reading

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Inspiration and Replenishment

My Beloved and I have been on a mini-vacation and plan to return home today. These photos were taken from the enclosed balcony adjoining our bedroom of the place we love to stay when we’re in the Monterey/Carmel/Pacific Grove Area. … Continue reading

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Beauty and Photography

(My apologies in advance to those who are experiencing bitter cold weather. This is not meant to be a bragging post. It is an appreciation and gratitude post, and perhaps a “Spring is coming” hopeful post for anyone who can … Continue reading

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“I Don’t Want To Listen Either”

Little Johnny was in kindergarten. There was a another boy in his class who wasn’t listening to the teacher. The teacher said to the boy, “Since you don’t want to listen, you sit at that table by yourself.” After a … Continue reading

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Great Ideas!

I love to discover ways that people creatively make life better for themselves and others. Here are two that I just learned about: Accessible Playgrounds I just saw a wonderful photo that shows two children in wheelchairs happily playing on … Continue reading

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A Quiet and Humble Hero is Gone

I just read an article about a man whom I remember reading about in 1976. Ed Ray was a quiet humble man who did what needed to be done when it needed to be done and in the process probably … Continue reading

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