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A Classy Thing to Do

The link below is to a story of compassion, kindness, and generosity that touched me. A passenger in the First Class Section of an airplane gave his seat to a mother struggling with an eleven-month-old who needed an oxygen machine. … Continue reading

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Way to Go, Toronto!

Photo Credit raw pixel via Unsplash.com An eighteen-year old who desperately wanted to get a job so he could feed his family was caught trying to shoplift the clothes he needed for a job interview. Instead of arresting him, the … Continue reading

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Colossal Kindness from a Tiny Town

I believe I may have read at least part of this story before, but I enjoyed (re-?)reading it so much a few minutes ago that I wanted to share it with you. It’s long by social media standards, but I … Continue reading

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“I Think You May Have Dropped This, Ma’am”

My Beloved and I were out on the town with some other couples when an elderly woman who appeared quite down on her luck and perhaps homeless walked up to our group and asked if we were going in a … Continue reading

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“Chain Reaction”

This post is an update for the “Greater Than Gold” song project. “Greater Than Gold: My co-writer and I felt the chorus in the earlier version wasn’t quite strong enough or hook-worthy, so I re-wrote it, and changed the title/hook … Continue reading

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To Know Him Is To Love Him

Three high school nominees for Homecoming King decided that no matter which one of them won, they would give the crown to a young man with special needs. This was no prank or way to embarrass him. It was an … Continue reading

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A Better World Indeed

Below are snippets from, and a link to, a story that I believe is a shining example of world-class generosity. A man has loaned his only home rent free to a family a family of five for a year. Russ … Continue reading

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