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My Focus and Wish

To do what I love with those I love, be grateful for everything, foster connection and ease suffering, and help people see the greatness and goodness within themselves and others. May your New Year be filled with blessings. With Love, Russ Advertisements

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Rainstorm Revelry on a Cloudless Day

I love rainstorms, reveling in the many sounds they make, the feel of raindrops on my skin, the sight of each as it splash-dances onto whatever it touches, the way rainstorms freshen the air, and the promise in the very … Continue reading

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Tiny Fingers

One of my favorite rituals between my two year old grandson Thomas and me starts when he rings the doorbell at our front door and My Beloved answers it. Thomas runs in yelling “Papa! “Papa!” (that’s what he calls me) … Continue reading

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I Just Opened a Window

It began to feel a bit stuffy in my home office, so I just opened a window. It only took a moment, but in the space of a heart-beat magic happened. My senses were aroused by the sumptuous melodies of … Continue reading

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Yesterday I saw a lone Canada goose in the middle of the day, honking non-stop as it flew across the sky. Seeing geese fly is one of my favorite sights and normally brings a smile to my face. Not this … Continue reading

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A Wish For You

I’m sometimes such a slow learner in life that the lessons I’m here to be taught must be given to me over and over again. As a result they can be bitter and harsh. May you be so loving and … Continue reading

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Rainstorm Moments and Memories

I write this while sitting outside in a heavy downpour. Technically, I’m outside typing on an electrical device while sitting in the open just covered by the edge of an overhang. I’m about as near as one can be without … Continue reading

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