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Thank You Tunisia Joylyn!

Thank you blogging friend Tunisia Jolyn for honoring me by nominating me for a blogging award. While I’m delighted that what I write resonates with you, Tunisia, due to time constraints and all the things one typically must do in order … Continue reading

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All the Important Things

I was recently asked, “If you could make three wishes, what would they be? (Wishing for unlimited wishes couldn’t be one of them.)” I replied: “I only need one wish. I wish for lasting joy for everyone. I believe it … Continue reading

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“When Did You Choose To Be Straight?”

I just saw a short video showing an off-screen interviewer asking random people on the street if they thought being gay was a choice. Their answers were all over the board. The interviewer then asked, “When did you choose to … Continue reading

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Casting and Attracting

I just read two questions that were being asked on Facebook: “What are you casting out in life? What are you attracting?” I believe that if one knows the answer to the first question, the second isn’t necessary, for if … Continue reading

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Getting To Know Each Other Better

Our DIL Kristi (the one carrying our twin grandchildren) mentioned during their holiday visit to us that she and our son Brian bought a book with questions for couples and they use it to get to know each other better. … Continue reading

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It Does

My eyes don’t always get it right And even my heart is sometimes wrong about love So now I trust my spirit more than my heart or sight Because when I don’t know the answers To life’s toughest questions It … Continue reading

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