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“My Heart Went Out To You”

A hug from a stranger when it was most needed… A Hug From a Stranger This story touched me and I wanted to share it with you. With Love, Russ    

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When Words Fail Hugs Often Help

It can be frustrating to want to help someone and not know what to do or say. Sometimes when words fail, My Beloved and I just hug each other tightly for as long as it takes, letting the hug do … Continue reading

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“I Know What Will Make You Feel Better…

(Source: Dogbook’s photo via Paws to Talk) …A Great Big Hug Every Day!” That sounds like a great prognosis and prescription to me! Love, Russ

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Some Contests I Could Really Get Into

On our Date Night this evening My Beloved and I were eating dinner at a restaurant that I’d never been to before. I noticed across the way that other tables each had a huge (perhaps quart- or liter-size) coffee cup … Continue reading

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A Bad Day at the “Office”

When our 21 year-old daughter came home from her park ranger intern job last night she looked physically and emotionally drained, and I became concerned. She came up and hugged me for a long time. I haven’t had a, “I … Continue reading

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Amma’s Surprise

Several years ago I accepted a friend’s invitation to go see Mata Amritanandamayi who is far more commonly known as simply “Amma” (which if I recall correctly means “Mother” in her culture). I apologize to readers of that culture for … Continue reading

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How to Stop a Nightmare

The URL below takes you to a cute vid where a little kitten is having a nightmare, and its mama knows how to take care of the situation! http://www.wimp.com/stopnightmare/ http://www.wimp.com/stopnightmare/

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