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http://www.liftable.com/andreadcombs/two-seconds-left-player-passed-ball-wrong-team-hes-hero/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=RebirthOfFreedom&utm_content=2015-09-10 Hero A wonderful story that will help wash our eyes so we can see the goodness and greatness in others and in ourselves a little a little clearer. With Love, Russ

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Both Teams Won

I’ve seen this before, but loved the story so much I decided to post it knowing most of you have probably seen it but probably wouldn’t mind seeing it again. With Love, Russ http://www.liftable.com/cbatorski/basketball-team-refuses-play-another-team-incredible-reason/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=share&utm_campaign=tb    

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A Gang of Kids Badly Beat Three Cops (at Basketball!)

http://blog.petflow.com/breaking-news-secret-footage-catches-kansas-city-police-in-the-act/ With Love, Russ

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An Unbelieveably Talented Two Year Old!

http://www.utrend.tv/v/bball-baby/ With Love, Russ

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I Love This

I love this. Watch it until the end to see why. With Love, Russ

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Sportsmanship Taken To A Wonderful New Level

http://www.viddler.com/embed/70d1d214/?f=1&offset=0&autoplay=0&secret=48017121&disablebranding=0 This this link takes you to a video story that takes sportsmanship to another, wonderful, new level. It’s only two or three minutes long, and the last 45 seconds or so got me big-time. May it do the same … Continue reading

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A Goofy Encounter

When My Beloved and I were married, she had a little Honda Civic that was not much bigger than a basketball and a personalized license plate that read, “I GOOFY”. As it turns out, a 100-minute one-way commute caused us … Continue reading

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I Met My Wife While Playing Hide and Seek In the Dark

I met my wife while playing Hide and Seek in the dark. Perhaps I should explain… But first, some background… When I was a youngster all of our relatives lived out of state, so my family celebrated holidays with another … Continue reading

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