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“Slices of Life” has Been Released! I’m pleased to announce that Slices of Life has been released and is available on! Slices of Life is an anthology of the selected non-fiction stories. From heart-warming memories of childhood, to humorous perspectives on aging and inspiring … Continue reading

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I don’t normally post fiction on this blog, but I believe this story falls within the tone and theme of this site. With love, Russ Here By Russ Towne An older, distinguished-looking man met me at the boat. He had an … Continue reading

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Light and Shadows

I believe that kindness is growing faster than hatred, as evidenced by so many examples others doing, sharing news of, and being inspired by kindness. Hatred is gradually being driven to ever-diminishing shadows as the light of love grows brighter. … Continue reading

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Astonishing Light

“I wish I could show you, when you are alone or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” -Haviz (Source: Let’s Be Positive Together)

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Letting go, Appreciating, and Looking Forward

“Sometimes you just have to let go of what’s gone, appreciate what still remains and look forward to what’s coming next.” (Source: Lets Be Positive Together) I’ve been there and will be again. Based on my experience, I’d say this … Continue reading

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Aglow in gratitude Thankful for… …well everything Enjoying today And wondering What blessings And miracles Tomorrow May bring –Russ Towne

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“He Believed In Me”!/photo.php?v=547862351901352 Every once in a while a video comes along that is so powerful that I get the chills watching it. This is one of those videos. No one believed in him. Not even himself. His situation was hopeless. Or … Continue reading

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I just saw a saying that I like: “Spend time with those who make your spirit shine.” (Unknown) That sounds like wisdom to me. I believe the use of such time is really an investment rather than an expenditure, and … Continue reading

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Blessed Day

I dream of the blessed day when humanity awakens from its terrible nightmare and begins to fight for peace with as much ferocity, tenacity, and heroism as we’ve fought our wars. –Russ Towne

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Breakthrough! By Russ Towne Darkness dominates. It starts with a faint glow. Patient. Persistent. Chipping away. Lightens. Brightens. Until only a wisp remains To hold it back. Then that too dissolves. Breakthrough! — Is the above a description of: The … Continue reading

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