Friends For Life

I just read an article about a woman with MS who promised they would continue coming to see her, and they did, for twenty-one years and counting. What a remarkable testament to the stricken women and he tremendous friends.

Some of my favorite snippets:

“She gives so much more to all of us than I can tell you,” said Judy Feldman, 83, one of the original organizers of Harriet’s Harem. “She gives us the inspiration to go on, to overcome anything.”


“I only keep the good friends,” Fridkin says with a big smile. “The other ones, I don’t keep around.”


Before Fridkin got sick, she was a gourmet cook, which was a great irony because her husband has always preferred frozen dinners, a dynamic that caused some friction and endless amusement in their marriage. So she’d cook elaborate meals and feed her neighbors, either when they stopped by or by passing a pot over the fence.


Feldman remembered one day when Fridkin was still going out to restaurants but could not feed herself. It was Feldman’s job to feed her, but they gabbed so much that Fridkin barely got to eat. When it was time to go, Feldman pushed the wrong button on the wheelchair and sent her friend careening into the table, knocking it over. Mortified, she looked down at her friend.

“I was horrified and terrified,” Feldman said. “And she was just howling, laughing.”


Friends For Life

With Love,


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6 Responses to Friends For Life

  1. ksbeth says:

    what a gift of joy she had and how she spread it!

  2. That, is friendship. ❤

  3. utesmile says:

    real friendship is priceless!

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