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Another Children’s Rhyming Poem

One Day in the Shade One day in the shade Of a Tickletoe Tree I thought how funny The world would be If we saw with our ears Tasted with toes Smelled with our eyes And touched with our nose … Continue reading

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A Children’s Rhyming Story Poem

V. G. and Me  When I watched a butterfly Flutter by in the sky, I tripped into a prickly bush With thorns so sharp, they hurt my tush! I wriggled and scriggled but got more stuck. I felt trapped and … Continue reading

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Dark Beauties

Dark Beauties   Delightful tree silhouettes Framed by dusk-dimmed skies Your verdant beauty turns to black Before enchanted eyes You don’t complain about the change As nightfall draws near You simply use the light that’s left To make your silhouettes … Continue reading

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Project Updates

Thank you for helping to spread the word to writers and poets about the three anthologies I’m compiling. My goal is to help as many writers and poets get published this year as possible and to help those who are … Continue reading

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Getting Published

After reaching my goal of writing and publishing seven books last year, this year I’m focused on helping many other writers get their creations published. To that end, three of my current creative projects involve collecting the work of many … Continue reading

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Crimson in a Yellow World

The garden in front of our home is graced by many rose bushes. My Beloved lovingly planted them many years ago and I now nurture them. Gorgeous yellow blossoms explode from a whole row of them. They vibrantly glow in … Continue reading

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Clyde and I

OK, this post is going to take some explaining first. In a recent reply to a comment made by fellow blogger and friend Diana S providing an update on the song that she and her daughter’s generosity inspired, I joked … Continue reading

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I’ve found that writing is often an iterative process. Several of you have mentioned an interest in the process I go through when writing songs or poetry from the seed of an idea through the “Final” result. The word “Final” … Continue reading

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A Bad Day’s Brewin’

When I woke up Key sites were down Spent all mornin’ On work-arounds Cut a toe on a tack I didn’t see on the floor Jumped and banged my elbow On the edge of a door Bathroom flooded Sewer line’s … Continue reading

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“You have the heart of a poet” I was told for the longest time But I only recently began to write And became guilty of the rhyming crime. –Russ Towne

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