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Another Surprise Christmas Gift: The Newspaper Article

My Interview with the Campbell Press article As I rearranged our over-stuffed recycle bin the day after Christmas I noticed a copy of our local newspaper. In the holiday rush and with all the family we’d hosted it had been … Continue reading

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Interview and Photo Session Update

The interview with the newspaper reporter lasted 35 minutes and appeared to go quite well. I was relaxed and Jasmine was easy to talk to. She taped our conversation and wrote notes. Jasmine works for the Campbell Reporter. The San … Continue reading

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I’m Being Interviewed By a Reporter from Our Local Newspaper

A reporter from our local newspaper is scheduled to interview me next week about my books, what got me into writing at such a late stage in life, where the ideas for my books and stories came from, why such a … Continue reading

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When a Good Idea Goes Very Badly Wrong (Part 2 of 2 of Courage Comes In All Sizes)

I was surprised and disappointed that considering all that Mary had risked and done for the armored car company they just gave her two dozen roses. The more I thought about it, the more I became determined to fix what … Continue reading

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Courage Comes In All Sizes

This is a true story. Because it happened about 20 years ago it is likely that some of the “facts” that I seem to recall have likely been blurred by the mists of time. Any inaccuracies are unintentional. I came … Continue reading

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