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A Human Chain Saves a Whole Family

This article touched me, and I wanted to share it with you. Human Chain Saves Family I found the article via Leo @ Not All News is Bad With Love, Russ

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Thomas and Humpback Whales

It was My Beloved’s birthday yesterday and along with our son Ben and his family and our daughter Stephanie we went to a beach a little south of Half Man Bay. We’d not been their before. I think it was … Continue reading

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Inspiration and Replenishment

My Beloved and I have been on a mini-vacation and plan to return home today. These photos were taken from the enclosed balcony adjoining our bedroom of the place we love to stay when we’re in the Monterey/Carmel/Pacific Grove Area. … Continue reading

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Photos From Shangri-La

Here are a few photos taken from the enclosed balcony of the Bed & Breakfast where stayed in Pacific Grove. The photos don’t do the picturesque scenes justice. They were taken from an iPad, at less than ideal times of … Continue reading

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A Dying Man’s Last Request

A re-post for newer friends: My biological father (I’ll call him “RP” for the remainder of this post) was an avid golfer. He always dreamed of playing the Pebble Beach Golf Course. He and another man wanted to play the … Continue reading

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Can You Imagine…

Can you imagine what it must have felt like to be there with these two people as they experienced close-up the largest glacier calving ever filmed? The awesome power and roar, and “miracle and horror”. Huge ice masses shooting out … Continue reading

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I found this video soothing, exhilarating, relaxing, and thrilling all at the same time. Russ

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Rescuer Gets Rescued

A 17-year old boy who had recently beeen trained as a swimming pool lifeguard risked his own life to save a 12-year old boy from drowning in the ocean. He ended up getting a nearly $2600 bill from the hospital … Continue reading

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I Can Save THIS One

I remember reading a short story with a HUGE message years ago that had a big impact on me and how I view life. It went something like this: One day a little girl was walking on a beach with … Continue reading

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