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The Force Fights Bullying

The Force Fights Bullying The link above is to an article about a girl who came home in tears after wearing a Star War shirt to school and bullies said Star Wars is only for boys. What happened next touched … Continue reading

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Chewbacca and Happy Hollow

Our son Brian sent a link that included this interesting fact from Wikipedia: Chewbacca’s dialogue was created from recordings of walruses, camels, bears, and badgers from Burtt’s personal sound library. One of the most prominent elements was an American black bear living in the Happy Hollow Zoo in San … Continue reading

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“I Am Your Father!”

  Our son Ben and grandson Brian are playing with some very cool Star Wars light sabers. They turn different colors and make the same sounds as they do in the movies including the when they slash through they air and … Continue reading

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Star Wars Surprise For the Son of A Returning Soldier

I found this story heart-warming and well-done. Here’s the link or URL (I only seem to be able to get the link to work about 1 time in 10 but it isn’t from a lack of trying… and trying). I … Continue reading

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