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A Cool Accident

The colorful pattern you see above from two perspectives came out of my printer out of the blue (and red, yellow, green…). I don’t know why or how, but thought it was rally cool and decided to share it with … Continue reading

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Sunny Illustrations

My latest children’s picture book project is titled Sunny Saves the Day. It’sĀ about a rambunctious puppy whose antics help a grumpy couple learn to laugh and smile. Jack Wiens has nearly completed all the illustrations, and Karen M. Smith completed … Continue reading

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An Author and His Work

James “Jay” J. Cudney is a young author that a fellow blogger recently introduced me to. His first book Watching Glass Shatter was released last year and appears to be doing extraordinarily well. Jay also seems to be making all … Continue reading

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Full Library from Tossed Books

Full library from tossed books What a great idea: Take all the books people throw away and create a library for everyone! Sources: CNN and Not All News is Bad With Love, Russ  

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Starting them Early

(Thomas wearing wear my boots.) When I returned home Sunday evening from a weekend book event, My Beloved told me of a conversation she had with our five-year-old grandson Thomas during a visit that morning: Thomas: “Where are all the … Continue reading

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Fun and Funny Book Dedications

via 13 Book Dedications Guaranteed to Make You Laugh Out Loud I enjoyed this post and believe you will too. With Love, Russ

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The Whole Flock’s Talking

The whole flock’s talking about my latest project, the second edition of my favorite and most popular children’s book so far, The Duck Who Flew Upside Down. It features a bigger (8.5″ x 11″) trim size, even more illustrations from … Continue reading

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