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What a Great Idea!

Grandma’s cooking “Just like grandma used to make.” Instead of hiring chefs, a restauranteur hires real grandmas from around the world, and has them cook authentic regional dishes in his kitchen. Brilliant! Sources: Gothamist, Now I Know That’s Half the … Continue reading

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When Falling on Deaf Ears is Wonderful!

There are so many great creative ways people are helping to make the world a brighter place. Here’s another: http://blog.petflow.com/there-is-something-very-unusual-about-this-new-restaurant-and-now-i-really-want-to-go/

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Kids Rewarded for Good Manners at Wash. Restaurant

I love to see well-behaved young children while dining out. Apparently, so do the management and employees of Sogno di Vino in Poulsbo. Snippets: To Laura King, her three children were acting normal while enjoying dinner at an Italian restaurant … Continue reading

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I Flew Like Superman and Crashed Like Wyle E. Coyote

When I was 16 I worked at a restaurant. After a large wedding reception, a man gave a nearly full case of Champagne to the restaurant staff as a tip. We were all 16-18. Amazingly, I was able to ride, … Continue reading

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