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What a Great Idea!

Grandma’s cooking “Just like grandma used to make.” Instead of hiring chefs, a restauranteur hires real grandmas from around the world, and has them cook authentic regional dishes in his kitchen. Brilliant! Sources: Gothamist, Now I Know That’s Half the … Continue reading

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Fascinating Facts

If every human alive for those 500 or so years shuffled a deck of cards, one deck per second, we’d end up with that many decks shuffled.  That’s a huge number.  90,000,000,000,000,000,000. And almost certainly, each one of those decks, … Continue reading

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An Innovative Solution to a Major Challenge

I love reading about fairly simple and often easy and inexpensive solutions to what at first appear to be major problems. Below is a link to an example. While I doubt that this program is the only reason for the … Continue reading

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Climbing The World’s Tallest Tree

As many of you know, I love redwood trees and live in redwood country. I love their beauty and magnificence. It is a spriritual thing to me to be among such ancient and towering living things which provide homes and … Continue reading

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Pennies From Everywhere

I just read a post by Dan Lewis at Now I Know that I found interesting and thought you might too. It has been edited for brevity. To subscribe to receive daily posts from Dan: http://nowiknow.com/ Russ http://www.hopeshinesforshannon.com/Donations.html —– Forwarded … Continue reading

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