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An Amazing Trick to Keep An Open Bottle of Champagne from Going Flat

During a recent holiday gathering, a bottle of sparkling wine was opened but only half drunk at the end of the evening. Nobody wanted to finish the bottle off, but we didn’t want to waste it either. Someone suggested placing … Continue reading

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A Surprise That Got Me In Hot Water With My Beloved

My recent “Holiday Humor” post received a bunch of comments, and below was my reply to one of the comments. I thought more of you would appreciate reading it than would see it in the comments section, so I decided … Continue reading

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I Flew Like Superman and Crashed Like Wyle E. Coyote

When I was 16 I worked at a restaurant. After a large wedding reception, a man gave a nearly full case of Champagne to the restaurant staff as a tip. We were all 16-18. Amazingly, I was able to ride, … Continue reading

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