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When I listen to my spirit but don’t act on the message I feel out of integrity. That feeling persists and often grows stronger until I bring my words, thoughts, and actions back into alignment with my spirit. With love, … Continue reading

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It Didn’t Restore My Faith in Humanity

In response to my post about the little girl who mistakenly took one of my books without paying for it and her honest mother, a friend named Jan included a story in a comment about an honor payment honey money … Continue reading

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The First Impression Fib

John grew up in a small town, then moved away to attend college and law school. He decided to come back to his hometown because he could be a big man there. He really wanted to impress everyone. So he … Continue reading

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Amazing Things

I would never bet against anyone with high integrity, laser-focused purpose, and indomitable spirit. To me, it would be a sucker’s bet, as life proves to me over and over again the amazing achievements otherwise ordinary people accomplish with these … Continue reading

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Facing My Fear, I Found My Truth

I believe I have changed far more in the last three years than during any prior 7-year period during my adult life. People often talk of how much courage it takes to change, and that is often true. After the … Continue reading

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