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A Free Sci-Fi Espionage Thriller Story

The Graduate My friend T.M. Blayte just released a FREE Young Adult or Teen sci-fi fantasy espionage thriller short story that I believe many adult readers will also enjoy. It’s titled “The Graduate. “I recommend you check it out. I recently read a … Continue reading

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My eBook Touched is now being featured on the home page of ChoosyBookworm. It is a book of my fiction stories. The listing says the price is $2.99 but I just changed the price so if you buy it through … Continue reading

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My Muse Has a Wicked Sense of Humor

My muse has an incredible sense of timing and wicked sense of humor. She thinks it’s hilarious to wait until the middle of the night and then wake me up with story ideas and dreams that could be turned into … Continue reading

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Get “Touched” and a Special Offer!

My latest book, Touched, has just been released via Amazon.com and Kindle! It is a collection of my Speculative and Flash Fiction stories. I invite you to check it to at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00V0YRDIW http://www.amazon.com/Touched-Speculative-Fiction-Russ-Towne/dp/1508756236/ref=sr_1_5? s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1426982913&sr=1-5&keywords=russ+towne Or, you can find it by … Continue reading

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My First Novella: Mongoose and Black Snake

I wanted you to be the first to know that I’ve decided to write my first novella. Its working title is “Mongoose and Black Snake.” I believe it is a suspenseful thriller with a lot of action. Although I’ve written about … Continue reading

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Amazon Book Ratings & Offer

Amazon Book Ratings & Offer I’m pleased to report that as of the time I write this, of the 8 of my books that have been rated on Amazon.com, 7 have Amazon’s highest 5-Star rating. Thank you to all the … Continue reading

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While my posts on this blog tend to be up-beat, I also have a darker side. It comes out in my writing of fiction. To avoid reader whiplash between the lighter and darker sides of my writing, I created a … Continue reading

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Opportunities for Writers

I took a two-month hiatus after successfully completing a self-publishing marathon of writing and bringing eight books to market in eight months. Now, my batteries are re-charged and I’m ready to tackle another type of creative project I’ve never attempted … Continue reading

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I’ve Begun a New Fictional Serial Short Story

Happy New Year! I’ve begun a draft of a new fictional serial short story under development. Working title: Blood. Below are the first few lines of the first installment. You can read the whole serial story over time at http://imaginingsofagratefulman.com. … Continue reading

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